Generative PHP backgrounds

First off go back to the front page of my site heres a link (don’t worry it’ll open in a new tab). If you refresh the page a million times you’ll never get the same background twice, this is because the background is generated on the fly using PHP. I learnt PHP and wrote this one day a couple of months ago when I should have been working on the final project at school (procrastinations a bitch). There are a couple of versions of this code on my site one located on the main page and the other located on the file page, the little birds use a random sin system to distribute their flocking.

In the interest of people doing cool things with generative PHP I’m releasing the code its available for download on my files page.

Like everything else I’m releasing it under the MIT license. If you end up doing anything cool with the code give me a shout so I can see 🙂

New tutorials

Due to receiving quite a high volume of email asking how to install and use my audioAmp and Kuler Maya plugins I’ve decided to add a couple of video tutorials explaining how to use them, you can find them here.

I’ll get around to adding a couple of other tutorials for various mental ray techniques this week too.