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Maya Plugin Update Framework

Like a lot of coders I regularly issue various patches and tweaks to my software, plug-ins etc, however most of the time most of the users are using legacy versions lacking features or even containing shit loads of bugs (as if).

To solve this problem I decided to write a generic auto update framework that sits inside of Maya, when integrated into your plug-in the framework will check a XML file online and assess if you are currently running the latest version and if not display a window containing all the documented changes (also contained within the XML file). The user is then able to decide if they would like to download it, which can also be done from inside of Maya. I’ve uploaded some screenshots below.

There are a few little quirks to be worked out before I release it properly and I haven’t tested it on both Windows and Linux yet, after all of that is done I shall be integrating it into all of my other Maya plug-ins/tools.

SVN: http://svn.xp-dev.com/svn/mayaToolAutoUpdateFramework/

Update: Fully tested on other platforms and works properly.

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