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While developing a number of Maya plugins at uni it became a bit of a pain to organise all of my code according to changes and various working versions that existed (I was developing about 7 plug-ins/scripts at once) so I implemented SVN (which I can’t be bothered to explain here). I’m still using SVN and I’ve decided to open up the code trees as some versions of the code that exists on the servers are of slightly higher builds than exist on (now or the file page of my site. Because I’m a strong avociate of the Open Source model these repositories are open for anyone that wishes to browse them, the links are below.

Render Calculator (iPhone app) –

Kuler Colours (Maya Plugin) –

.chan File Exporter (Maya Plugin) –

Audio Amplitude Extractor (Maya Plugin) –

nAudio Amplitude Extractor (native Nuke plugin) – – (note this is an xcode project and isn’t nearly finished so expect constant revision).

Murtle the Maya Turtle (Maya script) –

I shall also include the links to the SVNs on the files page. There are various other scripts/plug-ins I developed during my studies that I’ll upload to the SVN when I get a chance, they might be useful to someone I guess 🙂

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