iphone development…

After sulking for a couple of weeks I finally dragged myself from bed for long enough to fetch the netbook and start learning Objective-C (The iPhone/OSX primary programming language).
I could sit here and whine about some of the ways that Obj-C handles method arguments and how it forces almost preposterous length method names through arguments but I’m not going to 🙂 Overall my experience was Obj-C was pretty painless, I could get used to it.

My first app is a render calculator which allows you to estimate the length of a batch render based upon a number of factors, the user is also allowed to specify if you have a number of render nodes for distributed rendering.

I’ll be releasing the code on here as soon as I’m happy with it and as soon as I get some cash money to buy a developer license from Apple I’ll stick it on the AppStore for free.

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